If I had 2 cents for eveytime someone made the excuse of not working out because they don’t have a gym membership for whatever reason (money, intimated, etc), I wouldn’t just be rich, I would have more than enough for RETIREMENT!

Face it, everyone was more healthy and fit before Jesus Christ was born and there wasn’t a golds gym in sight or a single exercise machine that we have today. Yeah maybe because their work was more manual and there was no such thing as a couch potato. And this was maybe only 50% of their day, they still had to HUNT, HUNT and PRACTICE HUNTING. What’s even more interesting, dispite all the other manual they had to do, is that they still worked out, they were practically training themselves to be more efficent, stronger and faster. And obesity back in that time? What’s that?

 No don’t go bringing home a dead animal for dinner after reading this,  although I’m sure if all super markets closed down today we would all strave. But what if the world was ending and everyone was just surviving? Would our instincts (and our fight or flight)  help us strive and bring out our inner beast mode out? Or would we find the closest cave and wait for facebook to come back online?

Instead of going to the gym, which can be too easy if your just sitting on some machines going through the motions, you could just work out where you are! There’s no limit to getting fit. The millions of way to do it and if there was no gyms, I’m sure there would be a sign floating outside stating “All areas available for exercise use”.

Pick up some heavy STONES! Find some logs and squat, climb a tree or sprint up a hill and cool down on  the way down. The possiblities are endless and only endful if you don’t let your imagination help you.

Haven’t you ever seen a big stone and wondered “How did it get there? Wonder if i’m strong enough to make it budge?” With all common sense and safety in mind, you can try!  This is simple but yet complex because it works out ALL your muscles. Rather than doing a muscle focused exercise where only one muscle is worked out, EVERYTHING is used when you are lifting a stone. Your grip, strength, stabilizers, balance, and your MIND! It takes a lot of mental power to be able to hang on to that big stone that has no proper place to grip or hold. Only the STRONGEST men carry the heaviest stones, have you ever seen strongmen competitions? They usually have some “ATLAS” stone lifting. And they are built from their legs to their arms!

No one wants you to know this, who would want you to benefit more from nature than man built machines that are made to make money. Yes I’m saying you benefit more from natures gym vs the mainstream gym in the way that it gives you more of that pure fit type of physique and mind that has you ready for real life situations. I myself will still workout at gyms but if the gym were mixed with nature (heavy atlas stones, logs etc) it would be the perfect gym! Otherwise I will still workout both at the gym and outside!

Where outside the variables are uncontrollable with the enviorment, which makes everything so much more difficult. Start working out outside with your cardio, strength and everything training and you’ll see yourself mentally and physically ready for real life situations! Did I mention you’ll be ready for the beach season if you start NOW!?



  1. I truly love your website.. Pleasant colors & theme.
    Did you make this site yourself? Please reply back as I’m attempting to create my very own website and would like to find out where you got this from or exactly what the theme is named. Cheers!

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